MagicVac Futura vakúmpökkunarvél
Einföld vakúmpökkunarvél til að pakka í filmur eða poka.
19.333 kr 19333.0
15.591 kr  án vsk ISK
MagicVac Elite 300+ vakúmpökkunarvél
MagicVac Elite 300+. Nett vél frá MagicVac á góðu verði.
14.750 kr 14750.000000000002
11.895 kr  án vsk ISK
MagicVac Dinamika vakúmpökkunarvél
30cm suðubreidd.
12 l/min
60 cm/Hg -0,8 bar / -11.6 PSI
32.709 kr 32709.000000000004
26.378 kr  án vsk ISK
MagicVac Maxima 2 vakúmpökkunarvél
Þetta er öflug Semi-Professional vél frá MagicVac með tvöfalda pumpu.

Pump flowrate: 18 L/m
Pump vacuum level: -0,82 bar
58.146 kr 58146.00000000001
46.892 kr  án vsk ISK
MagicVac Jumbo 30 Evo vakúmpökkunarvél
Þetta er öflug Professional vél frá MagicVac.

Max output: 130 W
Pump flowrate: 18 l/m
Pump vacuum level: -0,80 bar
76.771 kr 76771.0
61.912 kr  án vsk ISK
MagicVac Jumbo vakúmpökkunarvél
Þetta er ein öflugasta Professional vélin sem kemur frá MagicVac.

Max output: 380 W
Pump flowrate: 31,5 l/m
Pump vacuum level: -0,85 bar
160.840 kr 160840.0
129.710 kr  án vsk ISK
MagicVac filmustatíf fyrir vakúmfilmur
Handhægt statíf með hníf fyrir vakúmfilmur.
4.856 kr 4856.0
3.916 kr  án vsk ISK
Filmupökkunarvél Lovero SW-450E
Filmupökkunarvél 450mm breið. Til að handpakka bökkum í filmu. Tilvalin í kjöt-og fiskborð.
50.943 kr 50943.00000000001
41.083 kr  án vsk ISK
Handstrekkivél fyrir bindiborða
Vél til að strekkja á bindiborða.
30.006 kr 30006.000000000004
24.198 kr  án vsk ISK
Handbindivél C3014
Töng til að klemma saman járnklips utanum bindiborða.
43.927 kr 43927.0
35.425 kr  án vsk ISK
Borðakerra BCF-M405
Kerra fyrir bindiborða.
66.634 kr 66634.0
53.737 kr  án vsk ISK
PKG Ironman Handvirk Brettavafningsvél
The first machine for wrapping
palletized loads of any shape and
weight with wrap film without the
use of electrical parts.
Easy to manoeuvre and move
around inside the warehouse.
Minimum space requirements.
Mechanically adjustable film wrap
tension (ideal for use with prestretched films).
Very easy to use and highly manoeuvrable.
Film tensioning with mechanical
brake film carriage.
Up and down movement of the
reel-holder trolley by means of
chain with gear system.
Wrapping pattern created using an
ergonomic lever on the handlebar.
Reel size - internal diameter:
76/50 mm (standard)
Outer diameter:
from 75 mm to 250 mm
Reel weight from 2.5 kg to 16 kg
Minimum pallet size:
300 x 300 mm
Maximum pallet size:
∞ x ∞ x 2100 mm
PKG Nimbly Brettavafningsvél Snúningsarmur
Max. load dimensions: 1200 x 1200 mm
Load height sensing photocell.
Wrapping height max. 2200 mm
Gradual rotation start/stop controllable by inverter.
Carriage up/down speed controllable by independent inverter.
Acoustic signal at cycle start and stopping in phase at cycle end.
Emergency stop button compliant with CE standards.
Machine reset button compliant with CE standards.
Emergency/safety stop at base of reel holder carriage.
Safety edge on column for emergency stop.
PKG Motion Brettavafningsvél Robot
2 AGV batteries 12 v – 110 ah serial connected.
High frequency battery charger integrated.
Load height sensing photocell.
Wrapping height max. 2200 mm. (2700 mm, 3000 mm optional).
Indication alarms.
Opening for forklift Left&right.
Key block.
Weight of film used (for MPS-MPS2 on request).
PKG Simply Brettavafningsvél
Turntable ø 1500 mm.
Max. Load weight: 1500 Kg.
Max. Load dimensions: 800x1200mm.
Load height sensing photocell.
Wrapping height Max. 2200 mm.
Start/stop of rotation in phase adjustable by inverter.
Speed of carriage separated adjustable in upwards & downwards movement.
Beeper at cycle start and phase stopping at cycle end.
Emergency stop button following CE norms.
Button to reset machines. Functions following CE norms.
Stop and rise of carriage with sensor in basement.
Extend EXP-308 Brettavafningsvél
Vafningshæð: 2M
Hraði snúningsdisks: 12 hringir/mín
Hleðsluþyngd: 1650kg
Þvermál snúningsdisks: 1500mm
Orkunotkun: 0.8KW
Extend EXP-408 Brettavafningsvél
Vafningshæð: 2M
Hraði snúningsdisks: 10 hringir/mín
Hleðsluþyngd: 1200kg
Þvermál snúningsdisks: 1500mm
Orkunotkun: 0.8KW
PKG Hitagöng Fyrir L-suðuvél Starlight

Single-chamber shrink-wrap tunnel
FLXMOD® control system featuring: backlit multilingual LCD control panel with electronic board; modular power section, separated from the control panel and equipped with inverter for speed control of the oven belt and static relays to control the heating element module; can store up to 10 different work cycles.
Conveyor belt with silicone coated swivel/fixed rollers
Differentiated tunnel air flow control adjustable by independent deflectors placed at the end of the oven
Microprocessor-controlled shrink-wrap temperature
Tunnel cooling system
Usable films: PVC, Polyolefins and Polyethylene up to 80 MY
Reduced energy consumption
CE regulatory compliance

- Supply voltage: 380-415 Volt 3 PH + N + PE / 220-240
Volt 3 PH + PE 50/60 HZ
- Installed power: 8000W
- Oven infeed dimensions: 440x250h mm
- Worktop height 815mm
Extend EXP-108 Brettavafningsvél
Vafningshæð: 2M
Hraði snúningsdisks: 12 hringir/mín
Hleðsluþyngd: 1650kg
Þvermál snúningsdisks: 1500mm
Orkunotkun: 1.2KW
HenkoVac T2 vakúmpökkunarvél
Stærð hólfs: 371x500x340mm
Suðubani: 270mm
Stærð pumpu: 4m3
Rafmagn: 220/240-1-50/60Hz
HenkoVac T3 vakúmpökkunarvél
Stærð hólfs: 425x550x410mm
Suðubani: 320mm
Stærð pumpu: 8m3
Rafmagn: 220/240-1-50/60Hz